Your terms and conditions

1. Foreword

These General Sales Conditions will apply to any transaction between :La Société PMW- Les Parisettes, established 97 avenue Emile Zola 75015 Paris and registered under registration number 413 702 606, N°SIRET : 413702606 00018, APE CODE : 3240Z , European VAT Number : FR 08 40370260600018 Thereafter referred to as "PMW-les Parisettes",


Users of «» e-shop website

Thereafter referred to as « The Customer »

These General Sales Conditions regulate the selling of all the products displayed on PMW-Les Parisettes’ web site.

Involved parties agree that their relationships will be exclusively regulated by these General Sales Conditions, excluding of any other conditions that could apply in our retail shops.

At any time PMW - les Parisettes can modify these General Sales Conditions. In this case, the modified General Sales Conditions will apply to any order placed after the modifications have been made. If a condition is not covered by these General Sales Conditions it will be considered to be regulated by common use in mail order services and according to French regulations. The Customer must be of legal age in his country.

2. Purpose

These General Sales Conditions regulate order, payment and shipping conditions for any transaction between PMW - les Parisettes and the Customer.

3. Products and availability

- All Souvenirs of Paris products on sale on PMW - les Parisettes’ site are genuine ones.

- Products’ prices will remain valid as long as they are displayed on the web site and until the product it refers to is no longer available.
- PMW - les Parisettes do not guarantee that a product twill be availbale throughout a specific period of time

- PMW - les Parisettes will advise any Customer by any availble mean (email, phone call) who would have placed an order on a product that is currently unavailable.

- By no means, PMW - les Parisettes’ liability could be claimed by the Customer in the event he would have placed an order on a product that is not currently or no more available.

- In the event the Customer is actually debited for an order placed on an unavailable product, PMW - les Parisettes will either refund him or provide an asset of an equivalent amount, at Customer’s choice, within 15 days.

- Should one product within an order of several products been sold out, PMW - les Parisettes will ship to the Customer the available products that were ordered.

- Each producs’ description is as accurate as it can be. Nevetheless, PMW - les Parisettes could not be held responsible for any error or omission in product’s description.

4. Order and payment 

To actually place an order, the Customer must comply with the following procedure :
- The Customer selects the product(s) he wants to purchase by adding them to his cart.
- After checking the product(s) he added to his cart (size, color, price) the Customer confirms his choice by validating his order
- The Customer fulfills the appropriate information fields of the order form (first and last names, mail adress, email..)
 -Shipping costs are displayed at this time of the process. The Customer is then prompted to click on the « Next » hotspot to continue his order.
- The Customer is redirected to a secured payment page. On this page, a summary of his order, including shipping costs, is also displayed. The Customer must confirm his payment by clicking on the « Buy Now » hotspot. He is then prompted to fulfill the payment form of his choice : either Paypal or Credit du Nord to actualy purchase his order. By no mean, PMW - les Parisettes could be held responsible for any disput between the Customer and Paypal Company.
-Once the Customer’s order is validated, PMW - les Parisettes will send to the Customer a confirmation mail.

5. Prices

Prices are displayed in Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds, at Customer’s choice. All prices are VAT included and the VAT rates are relevant to the product’s nature according to French regulations. Additonnal custom fees may be charged to the Customer at delivery.

6. Delivery

Delivery time is usualy 5 days for shipping within France after the order confirmation and full payment is completed. Exceptional events beyond PMW - les Parisettes’will and liability could increase delivery time PMW - les Parisettes will not assume, nor could be held responsible for, parcel tracking. Each parcel has an individual Tracking Number that can be provided to any Customer who ask for it through the « Contact » form of the web site

Shipping costs vary according to the mail service selected by the Customer.
Parcels are delivered at the adress noted by the Customer on the Order form.
PMW - les Parisettes retains propriety of the products until full payment is completed.

7. Products return

The Customer can return (by supporting the shipping cost) to PMW - les Parisettes the products he purchased provided the items are unpacked and in a perfect state. Products must be returned within 14 days after delivery. Products returned will be will either refunded or PMW - les Parisettes will provide the Customer an asset of an equivalent amount, at Customer’s choice, within 15 days. This asset is valid for further purchase on PMW - les Parisettes web site only.

Products must be returned at the following adress :Les Parisettes 95 avenue Emile Zola 75015 PARIS Porducts must be returned with a copy of their prurchase invoice.

8. Limited liabily

PMW - les Parisettes must provide a reliable service throughout Customer’s purchase process. This liabilty does not extend on any malfunction of the service due to external events such as, but not limited to, hacking, virus infection, network breakdown.

Should, for any reason , the Customer be unsatisfied with the service or products provided by PMW - les Parisettes, he could not claim any compensation beyond the refund of his purchase.

9. Personnal datas

According to french regulation n°78-17 from january 6th, 1978 « Informatiques et Libertés », the Customer may access, modify or suppress any personnal datas regarding him and currently recorded in PMW - les Parisettes’ database.

At any time, the Customer can deny PMW - les Parisettes the right to use any personnal datas regarding him for commercial use by notifying his decision by email.

10. Copyrights

All content in PMW - les Parisettes web site is copyrighted and protected by international coyprights laws. Copying any or all of this content is strictly forbiden and will lead to prosecution.

11. Disputes

In cas of a dispute betwen the Customer and PMW - les Parisettes, french regulation will apply and french Commercial Courts only will be competent to solve the dispute.