Personnalized gifts

Welcome to the professional section for personalized gifts.

Les Parisettes pour les musées

The creation of a dedicated range enhances your specificities. It enhances the value of the territory and allows a wider diffusion of its image. The turn-over of a shop receiving 20,000 visitors per year is between 50 and 80,000€, a significant additional resource.

Les Parisettes pour les boutiques de Paris

The museum objects extands the cultural visit. We offer low-cost items for schools children and families who want a memory of the moment. The museum shop is also a place where you can buy quality gifts for your loved ones. We offer small series so that your shop can offer new products regularly to your reccuring visitors. We also create objects for historical sites, gardes, zoos, amusement parks... We are at your disposal to make proposals.

Les Parisettes pour les hôtels et entreprises

The custom object is a valuable internal or external communication tool. It creates links, highlights your brand and your company's values.

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Snowglobes are fun, bright, original! THey are made from recyclable plastic in France and filled with pure water. For magic, snow and/or golden, silver or copper glitter is added. Snowglobes are bestsellers in museum shops or tourist places. The snowglobe is an object that is dreamy for young and old. It is an excellent communication medium that stimulates exchange.


Textile is always a good idea. Tote-bags, cabas, tea towels, T-shirts, kits, pouches, bandanas, masks, there are for all occasions! Made from cotton, polyester or Seaqual, a new 100% ecological material made from marine litter, textile is a very popular family of useful gifts.

Small gifts and souvenirs

To remember an exceptional day, to take away a souvenir of a visited museum, nothing better than our little gifts. Poster in screwable tube, small leather goods, mugs, magnets, key rings, notebooks, pens are small objects that interest school audiences and tourists.

Creating your visual

A drawing is better than a photo to decorate the products of your museum shop or tourist site. It gives a soul to your products. We create your design from your photos to create a range of objects. If you create a shop, the essential to get you started are magnets, snowballs, mugs and tote bags.

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